Creation Body Piercing is one of Canada’s longest operating professional body piercing studios, and throughout that time we have fostered and maintained a close relationship with our local health unit by providing feedback and training to new health inspectors with respect to body piercing and tattooing. Education and outreach has always been at the forefront of what we do, and we regularly collaborate and provide education on safe piercing and tattooing to students, at-risk youth and other interested community groups.


For years, I have been pushing the idea of training hospital staff to properly and safely remove body jewelry and insert retainers without much luck. However, in February 2017, I had an opportunity to do a hands on education session to OR (operating room) staff at our local hospital (Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center). Since then, we have been approached by healthcare workers to do the same at other hospitals in Canada and we are currently exploring these opportunities as it is something we love to do! We appreciate any support that will help us engage with and educate other people in our industry as well as people in the healthcare sector.


Our education session was facilitated by myself, with the help of my apprentice piercer. It included a power point presentation to hospital staff (topics covered included sterility and cross contamination, safe and best practice, jewelry removal, retainer insertion, and social/psychological considerations to ensure patients are treated with compassion), provision of educational resources and a hands-on workshop where participants were able to safely try out and use tools, get to know and handle different types and styles of body jewelry and practice their newly learned skills. Hospital staff completed their first jewelry removal at the end of February, and all feedback has been extremely positive! We provided the hospital with the tools and retainers that they now use and we will continue to support this new relationship with our local hospital.


We’d love to be able to share our experience with others in the body modification and healthcare world. Contact us!

Matt Bressmer
Owner and Professional Piercer