Proper aftercare is extremely important for tattoo healing. Follow these instructions carefully and thoroughly to ensure your tattoo looks great for years to come.


1 – Remove the bandage from your new tattoo 4 to 5 hours after it was put on. The first few hours are crucial for proper healing. If you want to show off your new ink right away, ask your artist if you can take pictures before the bandages are applied.

2 – Once the bandages are removed, lightly wash your new tattoo using your fingers (not a wash cloth) with a mild, unscented soap and gently remove any surface matter. Repeat this process approx. twice a day until scabbing/flaking subsides. Make sure your hands are clean before touching the tattooed area.


3 – Allow the tattoo to air dry and breathe for a full day. Do not apply ANYTHING to it for the first day.

4 – For the next 3 weeks, keep showers short (no baths) and minimize direct water contact with your tattoo.

5 – When you finish your shower, gently pat dry (do not rub) your tattoo with a clean, soft towel and allow to air dry for a full half hour before applying moisturizer.


6 – Apply a small amount (about the size of a dime) of fragrance free, water based moisturizer 2 times a day to your new tattoo, or when it feels dry and tight.


We recommend one of the following unscented moisturizer brands:

  • Aveeno
  • Curel
  • Life Brand

7 – Only apply moisturizer when needed. Do not over saturate the area. You want to keep the area moist, not create a barrier on the skin. If too much has been applied, spread the excess moisturizer into the surrounding area.

8 – Do not expose your new tattoo to chlorinated water, saunas, tanning beds, hot tubs, baths, lakes, etc. and do not overexpose the area to direct sunlight or tanning beds. If you go to the gym, make sure the tattooed area doesn’t touch any dirty equipment and clean the tattooed area after you’ve finished your workout.

9 – Sometimes tattoos need to be touched up later on. Please wait until after the 3 week healing period before determining if you’re tattoo needs to be touched up. Touch ups must be booked within 2 months of the original tattoo date. A charge will apply to touch ups booked after the two month period.


10 – If you have ANY questions or concerns, please contact us right away:

(807) 346-9566 | Facebook.com/CreationBodyPiercing | CreationBodyPiercing@Gmail.com | 240 Red River Rd.